Condominium Insurance

A condominium is a very unique and challenging type of property to insure. In effect you buy the space of the unit and become a member of the whole association. Determining what coverage you need is often more complex than a standard homeowner policy.

To properly determine what coverages you need for your condo, you will need a copy of the association documents. The declarations of the association define who owns what in a condominium association. Unfortunately, all condo documents are not created equally. You will probably need to have your attorney involved in telling you if you only need to insure the contents or do you own interior walls of the unit.

Regardless of what your documents say, we can help you through the process. Once we can determine what you are responsible for, we can tailor a policy to meet your needs.

We can also assist you in understanding things like loss assessments, and common elements. We know that selecting the right condominium insurance can be challenging so just contact us. We’re happy to help!