What to do if you have a loss in a hurricane.

To Customers Adcock Agency:

It appears no matter how much we do not want it to happen, hurricanes come our way and may cause some of you to have a loss.  We hope this does not happen but want to give you some pointers if it does. There are also several things you can do to be prepared.

Before the storm, write down your policy numbers and the insurance company’s claim phone number as well. You may even want to put all of this in a waterproof bag or container.

Put away anything you think water or wind would love to take somewhere else!

  • I repeat, “stay safe.”  When instructed by local authorities stay at home and do not travel.  If you have a loss during the storm, do not attempt to evaluate the loss while the storm is happening.
  • Take pictures. They are worth a thousand words. We all have great cameras on our phones for pictures and videos that can tell a great story.
  • Protect your property and possessions the best that you can. Make any emergency repairs you need. It is your responsibility to do this.
  • Call your insurance company, or us, as soon as you can. We would love to always be your first contact but we may not have electricity or phones, so have the claims number for your company at hand! Also when we take the claim, we then have to send it to the company.
  • Keep detailed records of any expenses you incur and make a detailed list of anything damaged.
  • Once you have filed the claim, be patient. Adjusters will come from across the country to assist you as soon as is possible. Know, however, that if your damage is, for example, a broken window and screen door missing, the company may not come to see you as fast as someone who has a tree through their house. Every company wants to settle every claim, particularly after a hurricane, as quickly as possible

I do want to mention two of the most common questions we receive.

Question: A tree limb from my neighbor’s tree just fell on my car/house. I file the claim with them right?

Answer: The answer is no. A live tree that falls on your car/house would be covered, if covered under your auto/home policy respectively. However, if the tree is dead and the neighbor knew it, the neighbor would be liable.

Question: “I have two trees in my yard that fell and did not hit anything, other than the ground.”  My policy will pay to have them removed right?

Answer: If a tree falls on you house and goes through it, the insurance company will pay whatever it takes to get it removed from the house and on the ground. However, if it just falls in the yard, there is no coverage and cleanup is on you.  

We, at Adcock Agency, are available as soon as it is safe for us to make it back in the office after a hurricane. We wish everyone safe passage through these situations.

The Adcock Agency.

Below is a list of our most common claims numbers you may need.

ERIE INSURANCE 800–458-0811
SELECTIVE 877-348-0552 Ext 1/Ext 1
NCJUA/ WIND POOL 919-821-1299 EXT 1 EXT 2
PROGRESSIVE 800-776-4737 OPT 5
FOREMOST 800-527-3907
TRAVELERS 800-252-4633
SCOTTSDALE 800-423-7675  EXT 1
Builders Mutual 800-809-4862

Please see the attached Contractor Reference List. This is a list of known businesses that do repair work. You are not obligated in any way to use anyone from this list. You are welcome to use any contractor you can find or currently use.

Contractor Repair List